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Public Television chef and host Christy Rost is the author of three cookbooks, a television and radio personality, lifestyle authority, entertaining guru, cooking teacher, recipe developer, home restoration expert, Registered Nurse, and popular guest chef for food and wine festivals, home shows, women’s expos, major retailers, and charity events.

Based in Texas and passionately dedicated to the celebration of Home and Family, Christy’s focus on sustainability, farm to plate, cooking with local ingredients, and food and wine pairings is heavily influenced by the months she lives and works in her recently-restored 1898 Breckenridge, Colorado historic mountain home. Conversing with farmers, ranchers, wine producers, distillers and food artisans, and being intimately connected each day with the land, water, and nature, has a profound effect on Christy’s commitment to sustainability.

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Notes from Swan's Nest

Christy's blog from her mountain home

Reflections - Ten Years of A Thanksgiving Show
November 07, 2018

When A Home for Christy Rost: Thanksgiving was filmed ten years ago, our focus was strictly on restoring our 19th century Colorado mountain home and moving in. Making Swan's Nest holiday-ready and gathering with family and friends to celebrate the season was paramount, even as the new kitchen was still in its early stages of build-out, we had yet to find doorknobs for the upstairs, and I knew wallpapering one of our guest rooms was a task I'd get to far in the future.

Eventually, as one project after another was completed, Randy and I were able to turn our attention to the small, one-room cabin situated behind the house. During construction, we re-roofed the cabin, painted the doors and trim, and removed equipment left by former owners, as well as damaged linoleum flooring – only to find the same fir flooring in the cabin that we restored throughout Swan's Nest. With that discovery, we realized our cabin was a historic structure built in the late 1800's by gold baron Ben Revett, probably as an office.

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